Tuesday, June 5, 2012

We have a winner!

The Association of Catholic Publishers (ACP – formerly CBPA) has recognized three of this year's recent Pauline releases for “Excellence in Catholic Publishing.” Catholic children's guide through griefIn "Pastoral Resources," our children's grief journal, "I will Remember You: My Catholic Guide through Grief" won 1st Place. This title originated here in our Chicago community, when Sister Anne noticed her then seven-year-old niece reading "Harry Potter" at a family funeral. With her background as a children's editor, Sr Anne drew up a proposal for an activity-based grief journal for kids that would cover the first full year of mourning--incorporating the child's memory of the loved one into such observances as Christmas, Valentine's Day, birthdays and Easter. Kimberly Schuler, a certified school counselor with an MS in Counseling Psychology, took the idea and developed it into a comprehensive and trustworthy tool for families at a most difficult time.Then Sr. Mary Joseph Peterson added custom art and design, making this memory book truly memorable. Under "General Interest," Pauline title "Wisdom for Living the Final Season" was awarded 2nd place. In it, hospice nurse Kathy Kalina (author of PBM best-seller "Midwife for Souls addresses the physical, emotional, and spiritual challenges experienced by those who live in the shadow of a terminal illness. (Hmmm, is there a trend here?) Finally, in the "Inspiration" category, Father Scott Hurd's “Forgiveness, a Catholic Approach” received 3rd place.

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