Thursday, June 7, 2012

First response to Sr Helena's book

Chicago attorney Linda Weaver (who will freely admit that she is not within the target audience of 20-30 year olds) got a hold of Sr Helena's book this week and wrote about it to her friends. With her permission, we are sharing it with the world:

 I – LOVE - IT!!!! 

The book, “He Speaks to You,” is a daily meditation/reflection unlike any I have seen before (and I have several unused ones on my shelves from years gone by… ) 

Each month has a different theme (His Love, His Life, His Cross, His Will, His Family, His Majesty, His Ways, In His Image, In His Service, His Mother, For His Kingdom, and In His Arms.)

Each day's reflection begins with Jesus speaking directly to the (young) woman's heart- words that console, even as they challenge-followed by a short Scripture passage, words of wisdom from those who've walked the journey toward Christ, a "To do" section for those who prefer some practical activity (the Marthas!), and a "To journal" section for those who prefer to contemplate and write (the Marys!). 

Now, it says that the book is designed for “young” women (20-30), but I don’t see why all women wouldn’t love it. 

Click on the link and you can then look at the first 10 days of January. Awesome. I like the daily suggestions as to what one should journal about. I have tons of unused journals too. Maybe I’ll actually write something in them now! So, if you like what you see, walk on down to the bookstore or order online – one for you and 10 for all your best friends. They are only $10.95! 

It is listed on Amazon but not available there yet. Hey, why not buy it direct from the Daughters?

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