Thursday, July 15, 2010

Catholic Bloggers for the Trib

Since last autumn, our Sister Anne Flanagan has written several guest posts for the Chicago Tribune's spirituality blog, "The Seeker." She has been one of a number of voices representing quite a variety of faith communities (including non-faith, secular humanist communities), addressing issues of concern to Chicagoans generally. More recently, two Chicago priests have been added to the Tribune's guest blog roll, Father Michael Phleger (pastor of Saint Sabina's) and the genial Father Robert Barron (charged in a special way by the Cardinal with the efforts to evangelize culture).

Today, both Sr Anne and Fr. Barron offered contributions on the controversy surrounding the Vatican document on "grave crimes," which has been widely represented as putting the attempted ordination of women on the same level as sexual abuse of children (it doesn't).

For more on the document, see:

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