Thursday, May 31, 2012

He Speaks to You

Sr Helena's new book!
Who is "He"? That would be the Lord. And who are "you"? For this new book, written by Chicago's own Sr Helena Burns, the addressee of God's daily message (a page a day for a year) is a typical young woman, hovering around college age or just beyond.

Actually, the message or theme written in God's name is very short. The real word of the Lord comes right after, in a snippet of Scripture. Then "Words of Wisdom" from a Sister who draws from her own community's charism, spirituality and experience; a suggestion for living the message in a practical way that day ("for the Martha" types, Sr Helena says), and a brief prayer to sum it all up ("for the Mary" types).

 It's a little late, but not too late, to include "He Speaks to You" as a gift for the Class of 2012; keep it in mind for the young women--and the youth ministers--you meet!

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