Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Social Media Guidelines

Social Media Guidelines: What's the Point? is an article I prepared on the purpose and key provisions ministry groups should have with regard to social media guidelines.

Catholic blogger and author Brandon Vogt tells the story behind the revised social media guidelines for the Diocese of Orlando. It's a happy story of "before and after" as the diocese moved to include the "social" in their approach to new media.

Justin Wise's "Ultimate List of Social Media Policies for Churches and Ministries" can be especially helpful. It's not exhaustive, but it offers a fine range, plus a link to Wise's free social media e-book--an example of the open source ethic of offering something of value at no cost (except for your e-mail address).

Here are some other organizations and their social media guidelines. It is interesting how many of these and similar documents are open to the public, available for download on services such as Scribd.

The Coca-Cola Company


Ford Motor Company

Intel UK (a really good model!)

Tesco (UK) has a nice graphical approach

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