Saturday, July 5, 2014

Social Networking in the UK: Safeguarding

Safeguarding resources in the UK

UK Safer Internet Centre on workplace e-safety policies especially suited to schools.

Internet Safety Research: Summaries of findings from major studies

Youth Technology Trends

Safer Internet Day (2013 resources);  Safer Internet Day 2015 (10 February)

48% of children in the UK say there are things on the internet that bother children their own age and 13% of 9-16 year olds say that they’ve been bothered/upset by something online.

Child Safety (UK Council for Child Internet Safety): Advice on Child Internet Safety: Universal Guidelines for Providers

Safe Network (follow @thesafenetwork on Twitter for updates on workshops in your area)

Safer Children in a Digital Age (published 2008)

UK Church documents on safeguarding
A few matters related to online communication, particularly concerned photographs/video of children at church events. 

Clifton Diocese Safeguarding Resource Pack Very helpful summary of safeguarding laws and policies of the UK-Wales Bishops Conference; includes release forms for taking/posting photographs and video of minors.
Catholic Safeguarding Advisory Service
National Catholic Safeguarding Commission

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