Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Re-introducing Sister Frances!

The end of summer means a lot of things ("Back to School" is only the most commercially visible of them). For the Daughters of St. Paul, it can mean transfer time--and so it was for our Chicago community as we welcomed Sister Frances back to the Windy City. Sister Frances is no stranger to Chicago: she was the manager of our Michigan Avenue center from 1996-2000, and oversaw the renovation that put a new facade on the street and a lovely new interior to the center itself.
After leaving Chicago, Sister Francis spent the next ten years in California, where she focused much of her time and energy on care for her parents (who died within a year of each other) and managing our SoCal locations in Culver City and San Diego. Now that she's back, Sister Frances says, "I'm totally impressed by the expansion and growth in the city. I can't believe how much it (and the traffic!) has grown."
Sister Frances brings with her a wealth of artistic ability and experience. After meeting the Daughters of St. Paul in Cleveland, she followed her sister Margaret in entering the community. (Sister Margaret is  stationed in our Boston community.) From her very first days in the convent, Sister Frances worked in the graphic design department of our publishing house. Moving to the book center ministry, she excelled in the design aspects of our locations. Now she's enrolling in the program in Interior Architecture and Design at the Illinois Art Institute to get some theory to refine her many years of practice.
Sister Frances is delighted to be back to renew old friendships and make new ones; we're just delighted to have her back!

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