Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Greatest Story Never Told!

How much do you know about the path of the Church through these past 20 centuries? Do you have questions that you just can't answer? Does popular fiction that touches on Catholic characters or history sometimes leave you with a nagging sense of missing something really important? Just coming back to Mass and the sacraments, and not sure where or how everything fits together?
Join us Saturday mornings (10:30-noon) from Jan. 16 to June 26. We'll be using the Ascension Press DVD series "Epic," picking up where the Acts of the Apostles left off in a 20 week overview of Church History!

WHEN: Saturday mornings 10:30-noon (except for 2nd Saturday, when we have Theology of the Body)
WHERE: Here at PAULINE BOOKS & MEDIA 172 N. Michigan Ave. (between Lake and Randolph)
COST: $40 (optional workbook $25, optional timeline chart extra)

Pre-registration required: 312-346-4228 or HELRAPHAELFSP@aol.com
(Sorry, payment not refundable after Jan. 16.)

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